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Barkby Road

Barkby Road is a residential care home for 7 adults which has a step-down pathway on a single site to supported living.  The home specialises in providing support for males with diverse and complex needs living with a learning disability and/or autism.  The home has 7 spacious double bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms. There’s a large communal lounge, kitchen, dining room and conservatory with an extensive lawned back garden.   The home is on the outskirts of Syston, Leicestershire, and within walking distance of the town centre and local amenities. Syston has a reliable bus service and a train station providing easy access to Leicester City.

Home Size: 7-beds

Our care services are tailored around the person and offer high quality personalised care that provides continuous  support and promotes independent living with emphasis on the person having as much control over their life.

We achieve this high level of care by:

  1. Working with the person to agree and plan individual support and ambitions
  2. Championing them to be actively involved in making decisions and choices about their life
  3. Providing comprehensive reviews on their progress using a validated outcome measure approach
  4. Having key workers, whose role is to link with our wider team, carers and involved professionals to ensure that care and support remain consistent at all times
  5. Offering an active balance of life and leisure activities that promote daily living skills and engagement in wider community activities to increase presence and greater participation.
  6. Supporting the person with their daily activities such as personal care, dressing, nutrition and fluids, healthy eating, physical health, mental health, medication, housing-keeping, personal safety, mobility, support with finances and budgeting

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