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Our Hinckley home supports up to three children aged 10 -18 years. It’s situated in a rural location in South West Leicestershire with access to leisure opportunities, community activities – and good transport links to the local towns.

We provide a holistic approach towards the care we offer our children and young people with access to therapy.

Our Residential, and Therapy team, work closely together to create an assessment and a programme that will best meet the needs of each person who’s needs may include: Autistic Spectrum Disorder, High Functioning Autism, Attachment Deficiency Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Social Emotional and Behaviour Difficulties (SEBH), Social Emotional and Mental Health Difficulties (SEMH), attachment issues and communication difficulties – all of whom may present specific challenges in terms of severe/challenging behaviours, whether diagnosis related or learned.

The placement is clinically supported by an allocated clinician who will visit the home regularly. 

A psychological assessment will be undertaken over the first 28 days.  This assessment will synthesize the young person’s family history, care history, attachment templates, current presentation in placement, emotional functioning and trauma symptomatology and provide a formulation within which the young person and their presenting behavior can be understood.

This formulation will lead into a clinical care plan for each person.  The clinical care plan will be based on suggestions of specifically tailored therapeutic care strategies for each young person.

We are able, if indicated as part of our 28-day assessment or on-going reassessment process, to offer specific, evidence based, time limited, goal-oriented pieces of direct clinical work.

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The home is in a pleasant residential area a short distance from local shops and a café, and within a mile or so of a small-town centre and leisure activities.

There are parks nearby and wider open spaces a few miles away. We have easy access to the M69 and a 15 miles drive from several cities (Coventry and Leicester) with a broader range of activities. The house sits along a quiet cul-de-sac with generally slower moving traffic in the immediate vicinity. The area and local roads are risk assessed with updates as environmental or new estates are developed.

Access to health care services are arranged locally and more specialist services at the Leicestershire NHS as appropriate. Local amenities are used as appropriate for each young person in terms of their abilities, safety and to promote the development of their life skills.

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