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Preparing young people for adulthood in our 17+ services

Chartwell Trust Care recognises the need for a robust and well-planned transition period for young people when moving over to adult services; and understands the complexities of this type of support. We currently support several young people at the age of 17 in both our residential and supported living facilities. Our highly skilled Managers, work alongside the local authority in terms of supporting the individual to transition into adult services and recognises there are several positive based outcomes required to facilitate this transition.

Prior to admission, the young person is matched to the suitable service based on their needs, which then helps and supports them in leading a healthy and fulfilled life. In turn this may help in enabling the young person to have choice, freedom and control over their lives, their support and their living arrangements that enables them to transition successfully into adult services where necessary.

The skilled support staff team and management, also enable and encourage our young people to become involved in education at the point of admission or even prior to them moving into our services, where possible. They are able to liaise with the relevant agencies such as SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disability) to ensure there is a robust support package in place to give the young person a platform to reach their potential. The support staff team are also aware that further in education and learning can be promoted at home, and this is something we do across all our residential and supported living services.

The staff team also hold an enhanced DBS and have an understanding of the importance of Safeguarding both children and adults. As well as this, a bespoke staff team are developed whom have an extensive knowledge around both adults and children’s services, to ensure the best possible start into adulthood for our young people.

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