Small residential homes

We manage a number of small residential homes where people live together in shared communal accommodation. These services focus on assisting the person to live as independently as possible. Our residential services support people to learn and develop new skills and are part of our vision of a transitional step to assisted living or living an optimum level of independence.

Our care services are tailored around the person and offer high quality personalised care that provides continuous support and promotes independent living with emphasis on the person having as much control over their life.

Our staff have the skills to work with complex service users, stabilising them in homely environments and supporting them positively to develop skills that will enable them to ultimately live in supported living and access more activities.

Our small residential homes create a structured environment where we can address individual needs so when service users move to supported living their progress can be maintained which results in fewer failed community placements.

Our Care support pathway incorporates principles based on the work of John O’Brien on what makes a good life. O’Brien’s Framework for Accomplishment proposed five key areas which are widely accepted as key in shaping everyone’s quality of life.   These are:-

  • Sharing ordinary places
  • Making choices
  • Developing abilities
  • Being treated with respect and having a valued social role
  • Growing in relationships

We encourage each person to choose the decoration for their bedroom to suit their individual style and taste.  We regularly hold resident’s meetings, these take on board comments, observations and complaints received.

Families are encouraged to remain involved in the person’s life, and our staff are happy to support this in whatever way is needed, such as home visits and family events.

We are skilled in using a variety of approaches to help maximize the person’s potential and aid them in the skills they need to move towards greater independence. Our staff are trained in Positive Behaviour Support which is used consistently to help people learn different ways of expressing themselves, in doing so it helps them to manage their behaviour and reduce their anxieties.

We strive to create a safe and homely environment that will enable people to grow in confidence and have a fulfilling life.

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