Children’s Services

Our children’s homes offer residential care for young people with a learning disability who are between 10 and 18 years old.

We can support young people who may have an autism spectrum condition, communication difficulties, attachment disorders or who may experience behaviours which challenge services.

Our small homes provide a high level of individualised support in community-based settings. Young people are supported in gaining independence skills in an environment where they can thrive.

As child-centred environments, our homes offer a place where children and young people can develop and fulfil their potential. Our aim is to create a setting where they feel loved, happy, healthy and safe from harm. A home which operates in a flexible, nurturing and caring way to meet individual needs. Where they are valued unconditionally and where sound attachments and positive relationships are maintained irrespective of diagnosis-related and learnt behaviours.

We work to the principle of providing a consistent, caring, nurturing and skilled staff group committed to the young people and to the philosophy of the organisation, which is to achieve positive outcomes and make a difference to those in their care. We aim to create opportunities for all Children and Young People to achieve positive outcomes, to grow at a rate commensurate with their diagnosis and abilities through the provision of support and services that are timely, well planned and considered. All possible steps are taken to ensure that each young person has access to the support they require to achieve an equal opportunity in all aspects of their lives are monitored and reviewed to ensure that these are appropriate and successful. It is our aim to lessen the impact of the diagnosis they have and to afford Young People opportunities to experience life to the full.

We provide a high-quality service that is based upon their individual needs, in a respectful manner which provides security of placement, and encourages them to develop and grow in to adult life.

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Success Stories

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